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Advisor SR Imbalance Scalping

  • Advisor SR Imbalance Scalping
  • Version: 7.8
  • Modification: DLL 1340+
  • Platform: MetaTrader4
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Brand: mqlmarket.ru
  • Added: 2022-03-26
  • Updated: 2022-12-23
  • 490 р.

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3 VPS service from FirstByte: registration link (The cheapest (but stable!) VPS is 150 rubles per month)

If you find an error in the text, write to us and we will fix it! :)

If you are trading based on Smart Money Concept (SMC), this indicator will help you  a lot in finding Imbalance (Fair Value Gap) and Order Block on any time frame. If you are new to SMC, the indicator will draw areas of Support & Resistance and Demand and Supply. It is recommended you explore the concept before buying or renting this indicator. There are tons of videos on Smart Money Concept, Order Block, Imbalance to learn on YouTube like The Inner Circle Trader. Shout out to ICT for the impressive knowledge sharing to the traders' community.

I am naming the indicator with the word 'Scalping', meaning that if you are disciplined enough doing entry with stop loss, Imbalance and Order Block is a good place to scalp following a strong trend on a lower time frame again and again. If you choose to be a day trader or a swing one, then use higher time frame to trade. Both works.

Details on the indicator :

- Non Repaint Indicator with real time zone creation and removal as price enters the zone area.

- Options to show areas : Imbalance, Order Block, Stop Hunt, POI, and OTE (Optimal Trade Entry).

- The areas are fresh areas or areas that are valid and have not been overridden / broken by price. Options to set Validity on OB and Imbalance areas are available on inputs. Validity inputs range of the from 0 (0%) - 1 (100%). Once price is over your validity set, area will be removed. Separate inputs on validity area of Imbalance and Order Block.

- Areas of Imbalance and Order Block will be removed per real time basis if price violates the validity set of the area.

- 3 Options on how to display Order Block Areas by Candle Wicks, Candle Bodies and Mid Point of Body.  

- Stats on : ADR, 3x ADR, Highest ADR, Lowest ADR, Current ADR.

- Stats on : MA50, MA200, Crossed MA that follows your time frame.

- Stats on : HTF (Higher Time Frame) Outlook.

- Options to show Dynamic DRT (Day Range Target) on chart ( Current and D-1) following ADR.

- Alerts, Notification to mobile device and Email Notification are provided, not just that, there are options on those too.

- Stop Hunt areas are adjusted according to chart time frame.

- Auto spot Break Of Structure (BOS) / Break Of Market Structure (BOMS) spot on any time frame you choose. BOS is shown if candle close is above previous higher high or lower low. Candle High that breaks the structure is considered as price only moves to take the liquidity above / below the previous structure.

-Auto spot Point of Interest (POI), that is the area that is likely price will react in a major way. Disclaimer on. Please trade wisely. POI will be shown only if there is a preceeding BOS and also there is an OB there. Please exercise on OB Validity and BOS bars on input to find your setup preference on certain time frame.

- More feature will be added as confirmation when you enter limit order on Imbalance, OB or Stop Hunt.

- Guides on how to use the indicator is available. Message me to get the guide.

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