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How to install dll?

DLL Files are used to modify your terminal by changing some of its characteristics. DLL files work up to certain version of the MetaTrader build, as MT is constantly updated and the methods of protecting the terminal and its internal code are being improved.

If your terminal stopped opening after installing the DLL file, it means that the version of your terminal is not supported by the DLL file and you need to roll back the terminal to the correct one version = build. But along the way, you also need to turn off automatic updating of your terminal.

Make sure you are logged out of your mql5 account if you had it active in the terminal. In the upper right corner:

Do not under any circumstances access this terminal to mql5 otherwise you will get banned! When visiting mql5, you will lose all your data for 10 years. mql5 don't care at all, they won't figure it out, they'll just ban you and the one whose VPS is for 10 years.

First, make sure you are logged out of your mql5 account if you had it active in the terminal. In the upper right corner:

Open terminal and view build version. It is easy to do this, namely, click Help - About the program.

We will see such a window where all the information we need will be on the left. Make sure that the build we need is there, and if not, then download here and at the same time disable terminal updates.

After restarting the terminal, go to the "About" section again and make sure that we have the version of the terminal we need.

If the build version is higher than we need and if the terminal stops working after installing the DLL file, then disable its update and set the build version we need.

To disable automatic updating of the terminal, do the following. In the folder C:/Users/Username/AppData/ Roaming/MetaQuotes (For Zomro: go to in C:\Users\Administrator\ and in the file path field paste: AppData\ Roaming\MetaQuotes) rename the WebInstall folder to WebInstall.bak and create a text file without extension.
Or just download this WebInstall fileand throw it into the folder.

disable MetaTrader 4 update</ p>

If you need to install an older version of the MT4 terminal

After that, we replace the executable terminal.exe file with the desired version. (To do this, click on the link of the desired terminal on the desktop and select - the location of the file, look for the terminal.exe file there. You need to replace it with the desired version, if necessary)

If you do not have the required version, you can download it from here: https://github.com/rosasurfer/mt4-mql

For a backup, here are links to some of the more important versions:

<a href="https://disk.yandex.ru/d/xe65yzjgRt23cw" target="_blank" rel="noopener

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